AXUS Microsystems an ASUS Group Company, is a manufacturer of professional standard and cost-effective storage systems.
AXUS are committed to incorporating enterprise reliability and features to their RAID storage systems whilst keeping an affordable price point. AXUS storage systems offer fantastic features and benefits including Instant Availability, Online Capacity Expansion and Array Roaming to SMB, branch offices and media professionals.
AXUS manufacture storage systems with capacities from 6 to 24 SAS and SATA disks and feature advanced connectivity options including PCIe, Fibre Channel, SAS, SCSI and SATA.
Whilst delivering high-quality and reliable storage systems at a cost-effective price point, AXUS remain committed to continuing to offer highly responsive technical support and superior customer service.






FIT 500


FIT 400
FiT- 400/500

FiT series, a new stylish, versatile, easy to use and more economical RAID storage device. The heart of FiT is adopted with hardware RAID technology which offers high performance, superior reliability and large capacity for your budget.

Easy to Use:
  • FiT Series are plug & play RAID systems.

Setup RAID configurations can be simply made by the Rotary switch. The Rotary switch provides user direct and fast setting for RAID Level 0, 1, 3, 5 , PM, Large, and Clone. Users are not required to have any RAID knowledge but easily to enjoy the high-performance and reliability from the FiT RAID storage.

High Performance > 200MB/s:
  • FiT equipped with hardware RAID which provides users great performance.
  • Test below in Windows 7 32 bit with 5x2TB Seagate ST32000644NS
  • RAID 0 Performance
  • Read = 220 MB/sec
  • Write = 226 MB/sec
  • RAID 5 Performance Read = 218 MB/sec
  • Write = 220 MB/sec
Multiple RAID Level

FiT Supports multiple RAID Levels including RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, PM, Large, and Clone that can be tuned to the required level to support your application.

One Button backup

FiT Series ship with one button backup software, PCClone_EX, offering an easier way to backup your data. By one time configuration, the RAID box will automatically do further backup tasks when the user clicks the One Button Backup .

SMART and Noise-Free Fan module

With a thermal sensor and SMART, 4 levels RPM of FAN module efficiently reduce / lower the noise, provide a quite working environment for power-users, and let them to be more focused on creations. Hot-swappable Fan module prevents the situation of data damage from overheating Raid.


12Bay Tower


Y3-16S6SF8 / Y3-16S6DF8


Y3-16S6SF8 / Y3-16S6DF8

New generation YOTTA III Series is a high performance enterprise class storage solution. This new generation storage solution is built upon on high performance LSI 800MHz RAID-on-Chip storage processor with x8 PCI Express® 2.0, 800MHz DDR2 memory, and 16 ports of 6Gb/s SAS integrated.
It incorporates flexibility host interface connections; 6Gb/s SAS or 8Gb/s fibre channels or PCIe x8 Gen.2 host providing a dramatically performance enhancement and increasing the speed up to twice more than previous generation.
When YOTTA III series expander port is used with SAS 6Gb/s expander, the YOTTA III series can provide up to (122) devices through one or more 6Gb/s SAS JBODs.
YOTTA III Dual Active-Active Redundant RAID subsystems offer the full redundancy that is expected of an enterprise solution. Dual Active-Active controller modules with cache mirroring over a PCIe Gen 2 link, allows redundant data paths to ensure data availability, while redundancy power supplies, cooling fans are in place to minimize downtimthan previous generatione and any disruption to business continuity.
YOTTA III series, with its unique combination of features, makes it an ideal solution for applications demand for higher performance, networking bandwidth and support for virtualization applications, especially for cloud storage, near-line backup, digital media editing, post production and broadcasting.

RAID Feature Highlights
  • Convenient Modularized Designs
  • EZSecure Lock Easy Management
  • Multiple RAID Selection
  • Instant Availability/Background Initialization
  • Array Roaming
  • Online Capacity Expansion
  • Online RAID Level and Stripe Size Migration
  • RAID 6
  • SNMP
  • MPIO
  • S.M.A.R.T
YOTTA III Advanced Feature Highlights
  • Supports 6Gbps and 3Gbps SAS & SATA drives simultaneously
  • Active-Active dual controller support with ALUA support
  • Quad 8Gbps FC ports per controller provides maximum system throughput